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Thread: Please Take A Moment To Reflect

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    Please Take A Moment To Reflect

    Today is the 25th anniversary of the death of "The King"

    Please put down your scales and your Zoning Codes for a minute and pause to remember the man that gave us many good songs, some horrible movies, and a bunch of lousy impersonators.

    Thank you, thank you very much.
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    I was ten years olf when Elvis died in 1977

    I was in the front seat of my Dad's 1976 Plymouth Fury, on the way back to Buffalo from a weekend getaway in Toronto with my parents. You know ... Science Center, Ontario Place, the then-new Eaton Centre. We were on the QEW, probably halfway between Toronto and Hamilton -- Oakville, probably -- when the news broke on WGR.

    The Fury had an AM-only radio. At the time, rock was still common on AM radio; WGR and WKBW played a mix of oldies and what would now be considered "classic rock." The rest of the day, the two stations played nothing but Elvis. My parents, whose musical tastes matured just a few years before Elvis hit the scene, didn't quite get it.
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