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Thread: Baseball: let 'em strike

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    Baseball: Let 'em strike

    I hate baseball. All these rich a-holes making more in one whiff of the bat the most of us make in a month. :angry.

    I say, let the rich whiners strike. Maybe this time the fans won't be such idiots and won't come crawling back in four years like after the last strike. This could have been over and done with in '94 but there were too many meatheads out there who were more than happy to slap down $6 for a beer and $4 for a hotdog just to pay for these a-holes bloated salaries. I mean what nimrods.

    If they strike this time you have to have the wool pretty far over your eyes if you ever set foot in a major league stadium again.

    C'mon. Don't you want to hear Roger Clemens say "Do you want fries with that?"

    Baseball is dead. It just doesn't know it yet.

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    Jun 2002
    It's not so much the casual fan as the corporate excesses that allow salaries and payrolls to get so high. Most stadium revenue is from those $100,000 skyboxes and not those 100 dollar seats. It will be interesting to see now that the economy is turning south, how many of those corporations will actually renew their skyboxes just for perks for executives. I guess that's for all sports and not just baseball though.

    If they can't agree that they can cap yearly salaries at 100 MILLION DOLLARS per club, then let em strike. The owners and players don't seem to grasp that they built their riches on concessions from governments and taxpayers, massively overpriced television contracts, and bleeding out fans more and more every year with 20 dollar parking, 7 dollar beers and etc. etc. etc.

    One of the major league sports will collapse within the next few years, maybe it's baseball and maybe it's coming around faster than I think.

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    Mar 2002
    Let em strike

    i lost any respect the last time

    bunch of pansy whiners
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    Dec 2001
    Mr. Cool Ice
    Let me strike and get them off TV in time for football.

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    Feb 2002
    good riddance....Its football season anyway.

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    Mar 2002
    Outside, looking in.
    Can't wait for college basketball season. Red Sox are in their usual nose-dive anyway...

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    Mar 1996
    Upstate New York
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    Owners will meet their demands, and the players will return to the field. The fans, however, will feel even more betrayed, with ticket prices that are soaring even higher, talk of league contraction, and so on. More empty seats pop up in the bleachers. Owners lose lots of money. Baseball collapses.
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    Aug 2001
    South Milwaukee
    Originally posted by El Feo
    Can't wait for college basketball season. Red Sox are in their usual nose-dive anyway...
    They can come party with the Brewers in the cellar!

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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    I was actually starting to get back into baseball this season - the Blue Jays are definitely not contenders, but once they shed the over-priced "talent" (Somebody take Delgado...please!) and put the youngsters to work, they started getting a little more exciting to watch.

    If there's a strike, I don't plan on going back to MLB.

    p.s. El Guapo, feel free to contact Bud Selig and get him in on the discussion...

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    Aug 2001
    Capital Region, NY
    Originally posted by Mike DeVuono
    Let me strike and get them off TV in time for football.
    soon...football will be year round once Arena pushes its schedule up...NFL/AFL/AF2


    in the future...my $$ will only be spent in the minor leauges
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