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Thread: Aliases

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    OK, we've got a grip(e)!

    Now, respond to my writings all over this discussion board, even if it is under a cowardly alias.

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    Sure, like your real name is "Mike Morin".

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    Actually my real name is BFD Everyone...

    Or maybe it's Morehammered Saddiq Davids(h)...

    Maybe it's Vegan(dhi) or Mohandos LeNino,

    Maybe it's Bambi (oops I let the h(e)art out of the woods)...

    Maybe it's Plum(b)...

    Maybe it's Onan...

    Maybe its Job...

    Maybe it's Maybe...


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    I'm touched! You listed my former alias! I WAS Doin' Time in El Paso. I bet you know who this is and where I am now . . .
    Hint: BD is two doors down

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    Cyburbia Administrator Dan's avatar
    Mar 1996
    Upstate New York
    Blog entries
    Actually, the alias is something of a tradition in Planning Peeves, and many of the Cyburbia Cafe forums. Here's some who have posted in the past:

    Been There Done That
    Colorado Planner (not me)
    Complaint Department
    Definately not in it for the $$$
    Doin' Time in El Paso
    Fear of a Drive Thru Planet
    Idealistic Planners Against Yuppies
    Joe Jagoff
    Peachy Planner
    Planner 10 From Outer Space
    Planner in Purgatory
    Planner Publius
    Poor Artist Guy
    Sympathetic Ear
    The Lone Canadian
    Western planner
    Zoned Out

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    Cyburbia Administrator Dan's avatar
    Mar 1996
    Upstate New York
    Blog entries
    Well, if ya' did time in El Paso, I would say that LC is your parole.

    Two doors down from BD -- I don't know if the offices have beenr remodeled much, by my old office was three doors to the north. BD - Patsy - Vince - Dan. It was the one with cheesy wood paneling. Of course, you probably heard the story about how BD moved me into a teeny tiny area that used to be a closet, after which I decided to go to grad school, where I created this Web site. If it weren't for BD, there'd be no Cyburbia, I'll give him credit for that.

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    Whatever happened to the old school? We don't get the action like we used to around here, no planzilla, or planner in purgatory, no cosmic.

    Either the new format is too much for them or someone ran them off??

    Even those nutjobs from landscape architecture 101 don't show up anymore, although they may have moved over to Perry's.

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    Cyburbian pandersen's avatar
    Sep 1998
    "Off Kilter"
    Hey There:
    This here post is for Eustus who bemoaned the fact that I don't post to the site as often as I used to. Never fear my man, I'm still alive and kicking.

    I guess I haven't been posting as often as I used to because I recently changed jobs and find that I have somewhat less to complain about these days. Maybe it's just that I haven't been in my new work assignment long enough to start complaining.

    As for the origin of my moniker "Planner in Purgatory", it came to me in a flash when I was particularly frustrated in my previous job. If you were paying attention to my posts at that time, I tried to "share" my grief with humorous posts. Better to laugh than to cry, I guess.

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    Planzilla lives!

    The Great Monster is dormant, but not dead. He will rise again to devour strip malls, engulf fast food franchises in flames of destruction, and stomp the ever-loving life out of Walmart. Grrrr!

    (Planzilla is also currently running for President. Please see Planning Polemics.)

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    Cyburbian Planderella's avatar
    Dec 1998
    I was never an active or daily participant in the Planning Peeves forum but since I saw my moniker listed, I felt compelled to post something.
    "A witty woman is a treasure, a witty beauty is a power!"

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    Wow, it's been like 2 years since i posted under Planner Publius. I am flattered my name stuck in someone's mind. Hope is was for good reasons (Cant remember what i did post back then) Anyway, what a hoot.

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    Cyburbia Administrator Dan's avatar
    Mar 1996
    Upstate New York
    Blog entries
    I don't think they got run off. Planzilla is still around, but he's not as prolific of a poster as in the past. I sent an e-mail message to several more active old participants letting them know about the new format, and that they're welcome to use it.

    I also updated the board rules from the generic Discus posting instructions to something more specific. If you see a message that could be in violation, let me or a moderator know, okay? (I try to check all the messages, but occasionally I'll miss a few.) The URL is http://cyburbia.ap.buffalo.edu/cafe/...tructions.html .

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    Just found out about this new format today. (I had it in my favorites in the old format, so I never knew about the change). I kept wondering why nothing has been posted to the old Planning Peeves since May. Surely, I thought, the planning world could not have got so much better that there is nothing to complain about!

    Glad to see all the old regulars. I have been posting/responding to this forum since 3/99. Rest assured that you will see name (sometimes under alias) on such topics as Walgreens, Tear Downs, No Places, Starsucks, Yuppiefication, etc.

    P. S. Rite Aid stock is down to 2 7/8 today. ha ha

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