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Thread: Gas tax comparison around the world

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    May 2005
    Seattle, WA, USA

    Gas tax comparison around the world

    I search the threads for gas taxes and found a few but didn't see any comparing the rates between different countries. Here is a good resource:


    Almost without a doubt across my travels...places with cheaper gas had much more "unpleasant" (I'm being nice) and inefficient city designs / transportation plan. (Unless you think traffic is good...more on that in another thread. I have a really cool photo from Thailand courtesy of our friends at Toyota)

    Indonesia - Around 25 cents a gallon if I'm not mistaken. I'll have to look at a picture I took at a photo in my archives.

    Thailand - Gas per litre is subsidized and kept artifically low by the government. At least 3 Baht/litre. (Which is 8 cents / litre or so). More significant than it sounds due to the cost of living there. Lots of discussions about this in the newspaper.
    I forget what the actual cost/litre is...I'll look it up and post later.
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    Apr 2005
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    Interesting data. Taxes in general are somewhat lower in the US compared to these other countries, but the disparity seems especially pronounced with gas taxes. Because the US developed so recently and entirely in the age of fossil fuels, the gas taxes of Europe would be a much greater burden to Americans than they are to Europeans.

    It would also be interesting to compare the way these countries fund road construction, and the amount of government subsidy.

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    As a former long haul trucker, I can tell you that the taxes from state to state differ widely. I cannot give dollar amounts but I can say that the roads in states with lower taxes do show this. Not so much on the interstate system as on the state and secondary roads. As to planning, I cannot comment as I have never traveled out of the US, yet.

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