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Thread: Whitehurst Freeway may come down (DC)

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    Aug 2003
    DC / Arlington

    Whitehurst Freeway may come down (DC)

    From the May 2, 2005 Washington Post Express

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    Nov 2003
    at Babies R Us or Home Depot
    That's great! Maybe I won't end up at the Arlington Cemertary ing to the Kennedy Center anymore.
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    Mar 2005
    Brisbane, Queensland
    Brisbane is having the same issue with the Riverside Expressway - more or less pileof concrete spagghetti dumped along the northern riverbank. It generallyconsidered hideous, and it cuts the city off from the river. Dates from the sixties, when the river was ugly and industrial. But it also carries all the traffic heading north/south through the city. So now we are going to build a giant plaza/overpriced cafe strip on top of it, and under it, and all around it....... sounds so feasible.....

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    Oct 2004
    Arlington, Va.
    Quote Originally posted by the north omaha star
    That's great! Maybe I won't end up at the Arlington Cemertary ing to the Kennedy Center anymore.
    Don't bet on it . It has taken me years to be able to negotiate the area around the GW Parkway and the various bridges between DC and Arlington. Can't tell you how many times I inadvertently ended up in Maryland trying to get from one point to another (which shows you how lost I can get!). I know, it's nothing like Boston, but I need a lifesize model of the area in order to really understand how all those roads link up.

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    May 2003
    City of Low Low Wages!
    Considering the state of infrastructure funding in this country, I could see a lot of higway stubs being removed simply for lack of maintenance funding. I hear that Michigan is now 20 years behind on maintenance.

    I'd much prefer that they tear down highways than tear up rail and transit infrastructure like they used to.

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