We just completed a comprehensive plan that recommends a series of "district plans" for the main commercial/residential hubs of the municipality.

My question is: I see a lot of variants on "district plans" or neighborhood plans or area plans. We are trying to figure out if/how we can phase the largest and most controversial of these plans without compromising the need to resolve conflicts between subject areas in the plan. For example, one thought was to deal with zoning first- but how do we know what to zone areas until we have done an analysis of the commercial area, the transportation system, etc. If we do phase it, my current thought is to start with a transportation analysis, at least of existing conditions extended. Any thoughts on how to phase the effort or if that is a bad idea?

What examples of district plans are out there? I am looking for plans for areas that have a relatively large commercial center (not urban but not suburban either) with a dense residential neighborhood around it and a good transit system. The big issues the neighborhood faces are residential development pressures, concern from businesses about parking and the need for affordable housing and more open space. I gotta say, however, that on the whole this district is doing fairly well and is seen as a model for other neighborhood commercial centers in the region. It needs a tuneup, not an overhaul.