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Thread: Help me find some of the "good things" about suburban development:

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    Help me find some of the "good things" about suburban development:

    I did a paper awhile back (which I am now revising) that was supposed to be an essay about something you have a strong belief about. We were supposed to give our side as well as the opposing side. I got a good score on the paper, but I had a few points taken off for "the opposing side being underdeveloped". I had to reach hard to find anything good about suburban development (lol) so I admit that it could use more content. I'll post my original paragraph below and if anyone can give me some ideas of what I could add, I would really appreciate it:

    Many would argue that the current trends of suburban development do have advantages. For one, housing in these areas is generally affordable by the average person. The can also be built very quickly to accommodate the influx of population into rapidly growing metropolitan areas. Also, the "pod" style development is great for statistical purposes. It is very easy to find out the income and population of an area when all the houses are of similar size and the residents are of similar income. This would be much more difficult in a mixed-use development.
    Please feel free to add anything I should include in this paragraph. It doesn't have to necessarily be something that you agree with, it just has to be something that is given from the other side.


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    this might not directly answer your question.....positives about suburban developments include

    -big backyards
    -wide streets/driveway which make it easier to park your car or get around in your car
    -the wide streets also make it easier for emergency personal like fire trucks to get to your house
    -some people enjoy the privacy that suburban development provides. no need to bother with your neighbors.
    -more space or elbow room

    Other things associated with suburban living

    -tend to have better school districts
    -less noise than city living
    -you can see the stars at night if you live far from city lights

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    Of course some of these ideas do not fit everywhere.

    1. Less crime
    2. Large green/open spaces
    3. Competitive choice for goods and services
    4. Extensive entertainment (major league sports, water parks, multiplex movies, ect.)
    5. Better traffic management
    6. Easy access to area for living, shopping and working
    7. Closer to work (in a lot of cases)
    8. Wide choice of housing
    9. Cleaner environment
    These have been mentioned
    10. Better schools
    11. Less noise

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    Nov 2004
    Austin, TX
    Thanks for your help guys

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