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Thread: Thailand: Traffic jams are good

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    May 2005
    Seattle, WA, USA

    Thailand: Traffic jams are good

    Taken from Bangkok Post March 2005. The Bangkok Post is one of two major English language daily papers published in Thailand. I'm guessing since only the more "well-educated" know English well enough to read this paper, this ad would be targeted at them. Presumably only the more well to do would read this paper then.

    The kids look so happy.

    Let's take a closer look.

    Still can't read the text?

    For your amusement:



    I'm sorry for spreading lies earlier that traffic (Oh sorry - crowded roads) is bad. We should be proud of traffic.I've been so wrong. I'm glad I traveled to Thailand where apparently the populace is less sophisticated, like me, and wouldn't understand the more sophisticated advertising in the US which says the same thing.


    There are so many liars out there it is sickening. This Economist magazine list places Jakarta, which used to be one of my least favorite cities, at place 119 out of 130. Frankly, Jakarta should be among the 10 best places to live as their air pollution level is 5th worst after 4 cities in India. After all, pollution is good. Pollution means a good economy. Pollution means progress. Yes, progress. Sorry if I'm preaching to the choir. (Bangkok is the 14th most polluted city, but in place 101/130 on the Economist list of lies)


    Economist list of best cities for ex-patriates (List should be flipped!!)

    They even have the nerve to place Lagos, Nigeria and Dhaka, Bangaladesh in places 126 and 127 out of 130. The nerve of those editors!!

    Lagos, Nigeria - what a happy place

    Dhaka, Bangladesh - neck and neck with Disneyworld

    More trashy distortions about the Asian brown cloud. Remember, everytime you see a word implying bad - substitute good.

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    May 2005
    Seattle, WA, USA

    Are urban planners not much into sarcasm? No responses in this thread.

    Or was my email just a bunch of psycho-babble that only I understand?

    The irony is that Toyota is one of the most (If not the foremost) progressive automakers when it comes to making more fuel efficient/less polluting vehicles.

    on a US note...

    A friend of mine mentioned to me one time that he heard on TV recently (Last year) or radio that they mayor of LA said traffic jams are good - it is a sign of economic activity. Kind of mirrors what the advertisement says.

    Some related links I have found on the web:

    Traffic congestion a sign of economic vitality, says luncheon speaker (Minnesota Nov 2003)


    Various thoughts about LA traffic (Hard to read formatting/font)


    Hey..you can actually walk in LA!!


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    Jan 2003
    Santiago, Chile
    LOL... the things is that although this does kind of touch a serious subject, the sarcasm makes it more apropriate for the FAC... Heck... I had a great laugh at it...
    Pollution is great... Santiago is the best city in the world! Heck why not Arica and the lead poisonings, it's fabulous!

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