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Thread: Movie depictions of future cities

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    Cyburbian circusoflife's avatar
    May 2005
    Seattle, WA, USA

    Movie depictions of future cities

    I recently watched I, Robot -which I thoroughly enjoyed. Came across this interesting website:


    Not sure if there has already been a thread on this..but which movies do you think most accurately portray how cities or the built environment will look based on their given time frame?

    Blade Runner was mentioned recently in another thread on futuristic cities.

    What about AI, Star Wars - "the whole planet was a city", 5th Element, Demolition Man, Robocop, Minority Report. There is a list on the website too.

    Or do you believe that none of it will come to reality and that our world will devolve into more wars and destruction from climate change, etc.... (I suppose AI depicts a bleaker world)

    And if this is too difficult...which future would you rather see as a (quasi) planner?

    Does this go in Friday Club chatter? If so ...please move.

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    Cyburbian Emeritus Bear Up North's avatar
    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio
    This Bear will make the argument that the best depiction of a future city was a depiction that was only a glimpse into what "could be".....

    "It's A Wonderful Life", the superb Frank Capra vehicle that starred James Stewart, is that "glimpse". This movie is more than just a feel good flick to pop in the DVD player at Christmastime. It makes you think about what life would be if you were NEVER born.

    Bedford Falls goes from small-town wholesomeness (with the evil banker) to a loud and obviously drunk community (Pottersville, just about completely owned by the evil banker). The new town's broad snow-covered boulevard has no room for wholesomeness. This place is all about night clubs, whiskey, and dancing girls-girls-girls. (Actually looks like a fun place! )

    I should apologize for stretching the intent of circusoflife's thread, but I won't.
    What the hay....it's a movie, it's a depiction.....it's a future (glimpse).....it's a city.

    Buffalo Bear Won't You Come Out Tonight

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