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Thread: Don't Trust Anyone over 30

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    Cyburbian Earl Finkler's avatar
    Aug 2001
    Barrow, Alaska

    Don't Trust Anyone over 30

    Hi--remember that famous saying, when some of us were in college in the `1960s? Now what do we say?
    Just the other morning on my public radio show, I "adjusted" that saying to say "don't trust anyone over 70," and then I thought of some of our local elders, my friends and associates. So I changed it again to "Don''t trust anyone over 110"
    but then I thought 'well if someone does live to 110, I'd like to pat them on the back and see what they have to say.

    So as we all age gracefully, let's practice trust for those of all ages. It is going to be a monumental planning task to try and meet the needs of our aging population in the coming years.

    Personally, I would like to live long enough to see the Cubs win a World Series in Wrigley Field, and also to be around when NASA's first spacecraft reaches Pluto...current estimate the year 2015 (gosh I'll be well over 70 by then)
    How about you? What do you want to accomplish before you pass on?

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    Apr 2004
    Tri-Cities, Washington
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    Earl, long time reader, second time submitter. Thank you for letting me on the board. As for my accomplishments, I would have to think about it (maybe while looking at incomplete landscaping in the 90 degree heat of an above average Colorado day)

    But I would like to say that I too would love to see the Cubs win a series in my lifetime as well. And I am a young man.!

    I'll be back, GO Cubs, two in a row now. Wait till they get healthy!
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    Oct 2001
    Well, I'd like to see mankind establish an off-world foothold. I'd like it if the TV Gods would bring back Bay Watch - The Next Generation. I'd like for all the people of the world to live in freedom, just like they do in Canada. I'd like to see the environment get cleaned up and sustanable energy sources developed to their full potential. I'd like to see Amnesty International close up shop because there just isn't anyone really causing any trouble anymore. I'd like to see an Irish Cyclist win the TDF (long shot). I'd like to see all Americans decide they are Americans without a hyphen. I'd like to see a waiter in Paris complement me on my good english.
    el Guapo is a former 20 year +/- urban planner (just like you).

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    Dec 1998
    I would love to see the New Orleans Saints, provided that they remain in the city, win a Super Bowl.
    "A witty woman is a treasure, a witty beauty is a power!"

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    Cyburbian Earl Finkler's avatar
    Aug 2001
    Barrow, Alaska

    From Aints to Super Saints

    That's a great goal --to have the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl.
    We can all toast them with Chicory Coffee!
    Let's go for broke and have the LA Clippers win the NBA Championship.
    Also, I'd like to see someone the caliber of a new Bob Dylan emerge on the music scene.
    And someone like Jimmy Stewart (Mr. Smith) go to Congress and get something done for the poor and suffering and aging folks in the US and elsewhere.

    In planning, how about a huge push to alternatives to the motor vehicle.
    We could save energy and also reduce health care costs.
    And bring back dog sled teams and put the snow mobile in the museum.

    And finally, I hope that Ben and Jerrys can someday market
    "Cherries Garcia" Ice Cream that is totally healthy in every way.

    Eat Hearty!!

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