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Thread: Jung Typology, politics and planning practice

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    Mar 2005

    Jung Typology, politics and planning practice

    My inspiration to start this thread came from the "Jung Typology" thread and the "Anarchist planning" thread. It got me thinking about how my values can interfere with my ability to be an effective planner. I took some time off between graduate school and now to think about this.

    I am an INFP, which means I tend to be an idealist. On the political compass I score in the bottom left quadrant, which defiantly displays my idealism for a free society.

    Working in a policy related field is hard for me because I want to know why we keep trying old methods that have never worked. I find myself having to bite my tongue before I speak my mind.

    How does your personality and values interfere with your work?
    Trying to get my grubby hands on as much stimulus money as I can.:D

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    Apr 2003
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    Quote Originally posted by gicarto
    How does your personality and values interfere with your work?
    Yes... That is why I am getting my masters in planning and looking at the dark side, while promoting the use of Form Based Coding as a way to eliminate Euclidean Zoning in my community.
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    May 1997
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    Being a planner is probably very frustrating for an FP. On the other hand, it is also hard for TP's, who insist on everything making sense. Too much J is not good, but you need a little to survive this profession.

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    I am an ENFP and part of what makes my job so hard is that I want to please everybody - I want to come up with a solution that will benefit all parties. I also take things very personally - I have been working on this, though.
    I think for me that being an E has been very helpful in making contacts and dealing with sticky situations with (hopefully) grace.

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