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Thread: Saratoga Springs Job -- Who's Up to the Challenge?

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    Aug 2001

    Saratoga Springs Job -- Who's Up to the Challenge?

    Okay, I know it's bad to discuss posts in the Kiosk, and we probably shouldn't be talking about openings here in the FAC... but I couldn't resist bringing this up.

    As we all know, our favourite ranting maniac (not you, EG ) is Mr. Kunstler, whose hometown is Saratoga Springs. Half of the photos in the Eyesore of the Month site are from Saratoga or nearby towns/areas.

    So how would you handle the criticism and national attention? Do you think the attention to the area brings a high number of job applications in (i.e., there is no bad publicity), or do you think it makes planners run for the hills?

    What say all of you: if you lived in the area would you apply for the job knowing what may very well be in store for you?

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    Jan 2005
    Land of Confusion
    Saratoga Springs has a thriving downtown with tons of historic buildings and interesting architecture. A recent trend has been the densification of various neighborhoods near the center. Some of the newer buildings look real nice. A job with the city seems to be a good opportunity for someone interested in infill development and historic preservation. Since things there are basically on the right track I don't think a lowly planner could screw things up too bad. It also appears that the community is supportive of planning (but local politics is a strange business and you just never know).

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    Oct 2003
    I wish I was done with school this year so I could apply for that job...alas, one more year. Saratoga is a great little city. Even when it's not racing season, the downtown is bustling. I'll drive the 30 minutes north to spend a Saturday night there instead of Albany. There's some controversy, though, surrounding afforable housing there--it's pretty much non-existent.

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    Nov 2002
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    Quote Originally posted by Elisabeth
    There's some controversy, though, surrounding afforable housing there--it's pretty much non-existent.
    Check out the Workforce Housing Partnership of Saratoga County.

    It looks like a serious effort to address a serious problem.

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    Aug 2001
    Capital Region, NY
    I know the director from local interactions. Great guy in my book. Kunstler's past rants on the 'burbs were on those primiarly outside of the city limits (exceptions: the hopsital annex and CVS) and his current oil fettish has his focus elsewhere. If it were not for my personal preference to take my next job out of the area, I would apply for the job. Saratoga would make my short list of places to work. I would think that the urbanite planner would be knocking down the door to get inside. As for the housing issue...there are some affordable/workforce housing concerns but nothing like the type you would find plauging major metros (Boston, NYC, SF). But you pay for what you get around here and I think rents are fair. Buying up there may be a challenge and you may be forced into a 20 minute commute to make it work. Otherwise, hope that 'toga gets a good candidate and if any Cyburbians get in there...let me know!
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