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Thread: Cities rankings in “All Work & No Play” Study

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    Cities rankings in “All Work & No Play” Study

    Another Sperling’s BestPlaces Listing.

    All Work & No Play
    – places that receive and take the least amount of vacation days
    1. Newark, NJ

    Vacation Elation
    – places that receive and take the most vacation days
    1. Sacramento, CA

    Use It, Don’t Lose It
    – places that receive more vacation days on average but take a less than average number of them
    1. Indianapolis, IN

    Making the Most of What they Have
    – places that receive a lower than average amount of vacation days but take a higher than average number of them
    1. Providence – Fall River – Warwick, RI

    Rest of these lists at: http://media.universalorlando.com/ar...?article_id=56
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    Thanks for the info JNA. I knew Universal had a media campaign talking about vacation but I didn't know they had compiled that data.
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