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Thread: Silly Democrats and other rantings

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    Feb 2004
    Philadelphia, PA

    Silly Democrats and other rantings

    Democrats Demand Karl Rove Apologize for Remarks

    It pains me to learn about the latest episode of weak-kneed, spineless Democrats so bereft of ideas, rhetoric of their own, let alone a platform, that their only response to a verbal molotov cocktail tossed by the grand imperial wizard of the far-right spin-machine is to call on him to 'apologize.' (This particular cocktail was tossed at "liberals," not Democrats, but they nonetheless felt the need to respond)

    'Hey! You shouldn't tell us Democrats that we were too timid after 9/11! How rude and uncalled for! You should say you're sorry!'

    Yet another reason why I cannot bring myself to be a registered Democrat. A real opposition party plays offense, not defense. So concerned with appearing 'liberal,' 'weak on national security,' , they still refuse to articulate any sort of coherent position that everyday people, especially Red-Staters, can cling to. They've allowed the word "liberal" to be turned into a pejorative term describing one who is morally weak and without principle, so successfully that no national Democrat can tolerate the label...

    Until a real opposition summons the spirit to genuinely oppose what has been the most divisive presidential administration since Andrew Jackson (and, IMHO, the absolute worst since Herbert Hoover), our great nation will continue to have backwards economic, energy, environmental, trade, and foreign policies that will only speed our already-begun fall from hegemony as geopolitical events shift the balance of power in the world...

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    Mar 1996
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    Yes, the Democrats should apologize for asking Rove to resign. Certainly we all remember how divided this nation was after the 9/11 attacks. Everyone knows that only the Conservatives wanted to send troops to Afghanistan to take down Bin Laden, while Hilary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and their followes recommended sending a team of psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health care professionals to Afghanistan to offer counseling to the Taliban and Al Queda.

    The Republicans, however, were right in asking for an apology for the comparison of Gitmo to a Nazi or Soviet camp. After all, everything thr Democrats say is wrong, and every time Republicans demand an apology, it's justified. Rove should not apologize for making a blanket statement applying to all liberals, based on the exaggerated notion of the actions of two or three people.

    The Cyburbia rolleyes smiley isn't big enough for this one, so I'll use this.

    I think what Rove meant to say was "After the Oklahoma City bombing, the liberals wanted to try to understand what had just happened, while the conservatives were ready to start bombing some brown people, whether they had anything to do with 9-11 or not."
    Growth for growth's sake is the ideology of the cancer cell. -- Edward Abbey

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    Dec 2003
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    Seven or eight moderate senators from each side of the aisle... that's all I ask. Get them together and form a centralist party. Neither of the existing parties would have a majority and so everyone would have to work together instead of playing "it's my turn to ram the extreme agenda of the party fringe down everyone throat".

    Back when the moderate Republicans were being called euroweenies and other such names by the neocons, I thought a break away group might be possible. McCain seems like an idea person to put this together but unfortunately I think he's grooming himself for a 2008 Republican nomination for President that will never happen. Polls show he's actually more popular with Democrats and Independents than Republicans and only the Republicans have a vote in the Republican primaries.

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    Nov 2003
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    Quote Originally posted by AubieTurtle
    Seven or eight moderate senators from each side of the aisle... that's all I ask. Get them together and form a centralist party. Neither of the existing parties would have a majority and so everyone would have to work together...
    Pretty good idea.

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