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Thread: Quick Warming in the Arctic

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    Cyburbian Earl Finkler's avatar
    Aug 2001
    Barrow, Alaska

    Quick Warming in the Arctic

    Hello from the coast of the Chukchi Sea on the Arctic Ocean. Wish you could all be here to witness the very rapid dmise of the snow and ice, even though we haven't reached 40 degrees yet ----more like temps in the 20s and now and then in the 30s, but the 24-hour sun bores away at that snow and .......poof!

    A week ago we had huge drifts in our side and back yard, and Greenland Husky Nuna was enjoying firm footing going back and forth to her heated dog house. Now the doghouse is in the middle of a big lake and Nuna prefers to sleep on a piece of dry plywood closer to the house.

    Our gravel and dirt roads often become slushy. Transportation planners could be a help as people try to navigate a route among pot holes and mud bogs.

    But that 24 hour daylight is awesome! Come on up and enjoy----just don't expect to sleep much.

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    Aug 2001
    SOunds lovely, be right up!

    Snows melting, suns up all night, time for music festivals near the ArcticO?!
    what is the purpose within
    if not to reach the cluBBe
    herein it remains contained
    let the journey of the words begin

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