A good friend of mine recently sent me the following pictures, and allowed me to post them here. They were taken by his Dad on April 13, 1966 while working on the roof of the nearly completed Toronto-Dominion Centre.

Sorry if the large size of the images suck for some of you, but the detail is amazing so I had to post them as large as I could.

Looking north to the new City Hall, which was completed the year previous in 1965. Old City Hall can be seen to the left (clock tower). The radio tower thingy in the foreground is thankfully no longer there.

Looking North-Northeast. Better view of old City Hall. All the buidings in behind it are now gone - the Eaton Centre stands here now. Centre background you can see Maple Leaf Gardens, and the old CBC transmitter. The big, low-rise building on the right is the old Sears Warehouse, converted into lofts a few years back.

Basically the same view. The Canadian Flag at the lower right is interesting - it was only adopted in February of 1965.

Looking down and to the east at the original Commerce Court Building - still with us. I.M. Pei's new Commerce Court would block this view now.

Now we're looking south-southwest at the back of the Royal York hotel. Union Station is beyond. All the railway tracks behind the station are now gone. The roundhouse structure has been preserved and houses the Steamwhistle Brewery.

Looking southwest. The roundhouse is the same as in the above shot. The newly completed (and hopefully soon to be demolished) Gardiner Expressway stands behind. Of the two grain elevators, the one on the left is gone, the one on the right still stands - vacant, awaiting someone to come forward with an appropriate use.

Closeup to the west - intersection of Wellington Street and University Avenue. The parking lots are all gone now. Unfortunately so is the really nice long, lowrise building at the top of the frame. Roy Thompson Hall stands here now.

View to the west. The freight sidings are all gone now. The one in the middle of the frame gave way to Roy Thompson Hall and Metro Hall. The WSIB building and CBC headquarters took most of the southern one. The transformer station remains. The railyards to the left of the frame are long gone too - but only just now are they being redeveloped.