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Thread: city vs city 8.1: the dc md va tri state area

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    city vs city 8.1: the dc md va tri state area

    which is better?

    washinton, dc
    baltimore, md
    virginia beach,va
    richmond, va

    which has the best climate?
    which has the best cost of living index?
    which has the safest streets? dc and baltimore automatically disqualified
    which has the best universities?
    best high schools?
    most beautiful neighborhoods?

    my personal opinion is its a tie between norfolk and baltimore

    post your thoughts

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    Aug 2003
    DC / Arlington
    which has the best climate?
    The 4 major metro areas (DC, Balt, Richmond, Norfolk/VaBch) are all pretty much the same. Obviously you get the beach with Norfolk, but it's just as hot and humid in the summer and just as icy in the winter. To get any sort of improvement in the weather you'd probably have to go west a bit in to the mountains. Roanoke is probably a bit more comfortable in the summer.

    which has the best cost of living index?
    Of the big 4, probably Baltimore. There are ridiculous deals to be found there. Richmond is also a possibility. DC is by far the most expensive.

    which has the safest streets?
    Assuming you mean crime, probably Norfolk, although that's a guess. The thing is, car accidents in the suburbs are much more prevalent than crime in the city, so if you mean general safety then the fact that a place has high crime does not mean it is not safe, relatively speaking.

    which has the best universities?
    DC. With Georgetown, George Washington and Maryland all highly respected schools in or very near to the city. Baltimore, with Johns Hopkins, would be next. Charlottesville and Annapolis obviously have good schools as well, but they’re more independent of the big 4.

    best high schools?
    If you take the suburbs into account (and you should, since VA Beach is nothing but a glorified suburb), DC is the clear winner as both Montgomery, Fairfax and Arlington Counties have some of the best public school districts in America. DC itself has poor public schools, but very, very good private schools. One of the other cities may have better inner-city public schools, but I don’t think that’s enough to legitimately answer anything but DC.

    most beautiful neighborhoods?
    All of the big 4 have some exceptionally good inner city neighborhoods, but DC has more of them and they’re more vital. Norfolk is the weakest of the 4, but I would still rank Norfolk above many larger cities from most of the rest of the country. West Freemason is superb.


    Nothing can touch DC. Baltimore is a distant second.

    Traffic congestion
    Baltimore or Richmond.

    Baltimore. Norfolk is second.

    Cultural scene
    DC by far.

    Counter-cultural scene
    Hm… Not sure what Richmond and Norfolk have in that department. Between DC and Baltimore I’m not sure. Baltimore is more funky on the whole, but DC draws more Emu types.

    Ditto to counter-culture. I'm not sure what the scenes are like in Richmond or Norfolk, but I doubt very seriously they are as good as DC. Baltimore is funkier than DC, but DC has more.
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