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Thread: South Bronx revisited

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    South Bronx revisited

    I wanted to comment on the South Bronx piece printed in the NY Times. I thought the piece was interesting considering I grew up there. I was really happy to see the new uses going on there. the article didn't mention many of the tenaments being torned down in order to make way for small houses with picket faces, like the Charlotte St. project. also, high rise buildings have been torn down all around The South Bronx that have been replaced with smaller houses. The idea has been to give some of the reisents ownership, a stake in their community; something they have not had in the past. a lot of the South Bronx's destiny was dicated by outsiders for so long - for example, the huge fires of the seventies that saw most of the area burnt out by landloards whom were part of the white flight movement to the suburbs. The newly proposed Yankee stadium in The South Bronx is pretty impressive as it fits into other plans to make that area the hub of the entire borough; plans call for a convention center, shopping, hotel, and some other attractions. during my grad school days I read a book that talked about how the Yankees kept out the community because of precepion problems that existed; this was evident in the hiring of hospitality / concession workers. Also, in the past, The South Bronx has seen some high tech companies with limited success - and it's share of scandals, ie Wed Tech. I think what's happening in the South Bronx is wonderful but I worry about integration into what's happening there already. I guess it will be interesting to see how this walks. I think from talking to people back there about this the feeling is that this is good as long as there are connections between the new neighbors and the rest of the community. as opossed to high octane gentrification.

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    May 2003
    Between Growth & Decay

    Bravo to the Bronx!

    I'm glad to see it happen, too. I was an infrequent visitor between 68' and 79' and each year I went back, my heart broke more for what I saw.

    It was only a matter of time before those refugees from Manhattan's offerings of $2K @ month for a walk-up closet. (With "bad plumbing and bugs" as Woody Allen used to say)

    There's lots to reclaim there - I hope they do it right!

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    me too!!!!!
    I'm glad The Bronx is changing for the better. also, I think things have to change, especially because of demographics. What I mean by that is that lots of the Puerto Ricans have left for greener pastures and to other Northeast cities like Newark, Hartford, Springfield, etc. The Bronx's Latin community is seeing a changing of the guard from Puerto Rican to Dominican and Mexican. I think in a lot of ways The Bronx needs new addittions to continue evolving and re-inventing it's self.

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