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Thread: Classic Car Shows

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    Cyburbian Emeritus Bear Up North's avatar
    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio

    Classic Car Shows

    One (1) thing that we "baby boomers" do often and do well is to put on "Classic Car Shows". All over this here U. S. of A. we are parading our classic hot rods up and down city streets, in shopping center parking lots, at fairs and events, in restaurant lots, etc.

    Just down the road from my office there is a relatively new group of strip centers that has already held a couple classic car shows.....and it's only late June. I just saw the poster today for another scheduled show on July 4.

    Last week, as part of a cancer "Relay For Life', my community of Swanton had a group of classic cars gathered. Every Summer, in Detroit and its' suburbs along famous Woodward Avenue, is the "granddaddy of all class car shows", "The Woodward Dream Cruise".

    We "boomers" like our classic cars. Easy to figure out why.....our's was the first real generation to latch on to the automobile as the definite statement of teenage independence (for better or worse for planners and the like). Our parents fed our habit by building drive-in restaurants, with car hops, speakers that crackled when you tried to order a burger, and the endless parade from dusk 'till 1:00 AM of everybody with a "rod" who cruised in then out of each drive-in along "the strip".

    In the 1960's in Toledo we cruised all of the "White Huts", but especially the Hut on Sylvania at Secor. The early versions of MacDonalds were gathering places for all of us with cars that we wanted to show off.

    Unfortunately for this Bear, my choice of car to show off was usually pretty sad. Tough to be cool when you have a 1959 Ford Station Wagon or a 1961 Buick. I did rev my engine a lot.

    My choices for classic cars......that you may see at a show near you.....would include '57 Chevy, '68 Mustang Fastback (I had a gold one!), '59 DeSoto Firedome.

    What say you? Classic car shows.....love 'em, hate 'em, did they help push the world to a ridiculous love of passenger cars? And what's love got to do with it?

    Occupy Cyburbia!

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    Cyburbian Zoning Goddess's avatar
    Sep 1999
    400 miles from Orlando
    My next-door neighbor has a 5-year old Camaro and takes it to "classic" car shows. I don't get that.

    And I have no interest at all.

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    Aug 2001
    Western Pennsylvania
    There is a "car cruise" at a nearby shopping center every Saturday night during the summer. (I don't know why they call it a cruise while the cars are parked, and the owners are parked in lawn chairs beside the cars. ) I walk through once a year, and I enjoy seeing the cars. I like the ones from the 1950's and 60's the best.

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    Aug 2001
    South Milwaukee
    I go to the annual BUGFEST


    Before the big-D, I had three vintage volkswagens. I am still looking for the perfect VW-Thing and the perfect 29-window window VW-transporter....

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    Jun 2003
    De Noc
    We have the Frog Follies August 26-28.

    Frog Follies keep city hopping
    Article: http://www.courierpress.com/ecp/ag_e...766853,00.html
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    Jun 2004
    near the edge
    I have a 1967 mustang that have had since i was in highschool. I like to attend car shows it is kinda like Cyburbia with out the internet and planning stuff and more conversations about old cars I t is neat to shoot the breeze with folks that are not bashful to tell you about their 50,000 dollar paint job and how they would let you borrow their wife before you can borrow their car. It is a neat way to find out about the latest trends in fixing up old cars and services availble.

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    Cyburbian michaelskis's avatar
    Apr 2003
    In a new discovered reality where it doesn't snow
    Yes! Now this is thread that I can get into. I grew up as a Car Guy. At one point I had a 37 Olds Coupe! (I sold it before going to college) My next project will be a 52 or 53 Chevy Street rod. I would like to find a 4 door, make it a convertible, switch out the rear doors for suicide doors, put it on a Corvette chassis, and put a modern interior and electrical system into it. Oh and I would want to power it with a twin turbo 350.

    The one past toy I like building the most was an 85’ 2 wheel drive S-10 blazer that had a 350cc 4bbl in it. I did not feel safe passing with the 2.8 ltr. I put old school Keystone Raider chrome rims, and painted high gloss black. Yes, it moved and the motor fit very nicely in it. I just had to make sure that I did not sit in one place too long. (It would overheat)

    My dad and thee other guys started what is now the largest car show in the central upper peninsula. Fun Run had it’s 20th anniversary this past June, and a great time was had by all. I drove his car, and ended up on the TV news talking about the car and how the show has evolved over the past 20 years and how important it has become to the community.
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    Dec 2001
    West Valley, AZ
    If there is anything I can be proud of in my hometown (which isn't much) it's 4th of July festivities, which are good for a town of 14,000, and their "Cruise Night".

    It started off as a small car club of 20-30 classic car owners showing off their vehicles around the end of August/first week of September. It has caught on and blossomed into a 2-day event that features over 600 classic cars. The 8 blocks of downtown are blocked off and the streets are flooded with vehicles cruising "the strip", parked along the curbs, music, car hops, and 18,000 - 20,000 in attendance last year. One car collector has one of the few remaining cars engineered and built at a local turn-of-the-century car factory and cruises it every show.

    The 2nd day is a car show and judging event that all the vehicles participate in.
    Dude, I'm cheesing so hard right now.

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    May 2003
    Between Growth & Decay

    Gearheads Forever!

    I guess I've got rust in my blood.

    I know today's cars are better built and better engineered and last longer but there's something about the "heaps of the past" that are a continuing draw for me. In fact, if I didn't have a 1-car garge, I'd likely succombed to acquiring one by now.

    Has anybody heard of the "Great Race?" Apparently it's an annual race of vintage cars - they're coming through Colorado at will be at the Westin Hotel in Westminster on Sunday @ 6:30 - http://www.greatrace.com/index.php

    Sounds like a real "gas."

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    Mar 2004
    Where the weak are killed and eaten.
    The Woodward Ave Dream cruise here in Metro Detroit draws millions of participants and spectators over the weekend. Yes I said millions.

    We also have special car shows such as the Concours D'Elegance, and a few a year at Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford.

    But as you all know us Detroit folks are a little different then the rest of you.

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    Cyburbian prana's avatar
    Aug 2001
    SERA Architects-Portland
    Quote Originally posted by Chet
    I go to the annual BUGFEST


    Before the big-D, I had three vintage volkswagens. I am still looking for the perfect VW-Thing and the perfect 29-window window VW-transporter....
    Nice to see other VW volks on Cyburbia. I've had several '69 baywindow busses and currently have stepped up to the modern '84 vanagon with an ASI conversion! We hit a lot of VW shows.

    Looking for a 29 window?? Might as well be snipe hunting! They made a 23 and a 21...but a 29? Not that I have ever heard of!

    Parents have a pair of '62 Corvettes that are both about 98% original but they also drive them. In fact, one trip with other Corvette restorers took them from Florida to the Grand Canyon, up through Colorado and to Bowling Green, KY and then back. Pretty sweet to see 100 classic Vettes on the highway!

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    Cyburbian biscuit's avatar
    Nov 2002
    Paris of Appalachia
    Yep, I enjoy them quite a bit. the weekend of July 16 you will find me at the auto show and time tials of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. A classic/vintage/racing/exotic car lovers dream fest. Lots of fun.

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