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Thread: Going Memo Crazy!! Is it possible to write to many?

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    Going Memo Crazy!! Is it possible to write to many?

    Okay let me set the stage. I've been waiting, and waiting for info from a co worker to get me some info so I can complete some other work.

    Here is an email I sent to my co worker

    PBD Wrote
    "Just checking with you to see how the info is coming together. It has been about 2 weeks since we first talked about this and I'm ready to work on it as soon as I get the info I need from you two.

    Give me an update so I can work it into my schedule.



    "Swimming and almost drowning ........ will need a good bit of the weekend and Monday/ Tues to complete the plan yet...... looking for breathing room here......... not putting it off, just memo happy. "

    IMO this guy writes so many memos that he does not get any actual work done. I am not his supervisor so I cant really tell him to ease up on the memos but how do I nicely tell him he needs to get his but in gear and get the work done.

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    1. Copy your email and his response to his supervisor.
    2. Tell the person you're waiting on that Monday is the latest you can recieve the work in order to complete your task.
    3. Place a note in the file accordingly (if you feel it necessary).
    4. Make repeated contact with that person (min. once a day) to let them know you will not leave them alone until you get what you need.
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