i. street fair!

main madness is a four-day, 24-hour-a-day street fair on st-laurent boulevard ("the main") that takes place twice a summer. after a few days of rain and gloom, the sun finally came out on sunday.

waiting for the 80 bus on park avenue.

getting off at sherbrooke, we walk a few blocks down to st-laurent.

crowded enough?

according to my girlfriend, the tattoo means "pig." its owner was asian, though, so i assume it's some pet name.

say NO to cowboy-hatted hipsters.

he sure looks happy.

finally at the corner of st-laurent and rachel, about 3/4 of a mile up from sherbrooke.



1. squeeze the dough out of a churro machine.

2. inject it with caramel and deep fry it.

3. roll it in sugar.

4. feed it to happy customers.


we've reached the end of the street fair: st-laurent and mont-royal.

the alleys of mile end

it's another 1.5 miles from mont-royal to my home, so i continue up through the alleys and streets of mile end.

and that concludes the series. if you haven't seen the other parts, check them out now.

part one (thursday): street fair and dusk

part two (friday and saturday): street fair and jean-talon market