In light of Live 8 and all those shenanigans by Bob Geldolf and his famous rock star friends at the weekend, i thought this was a good opportunity for planners to make a difference and have some real input into some of the issues/problems we face, particularly regarding poverty in the worlds cities today:

From June 17-23 2006 the World Planners Congress and United Nations sponsored WORLD URBAN FORUM 2006 is taking place in Vancouver, Canada.

I attended a seminar hosted by Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) at the RTPI annual conference in London on Friday (30th June) and we were informed that if planners from around the world want to submit papers or ideas/comments on anything, whether it be issues we face in developing/developed world or whatever, people have until September 2005 to do so.

This is 'our' chance to have input into important decisions, while being a great and rare opportunity for planners world-wide to voice their opinions and also meet and discuss/solve some of the problems we face as a global community with the increasing pressure of urbanisation and challenge of achieving sustainability.

check this link:

We are encouraged by CIP to submit any ideas to them on topics to be discussed on the agenda for next years World Planners Congress and United Nations WORLD URBAN FORUM 2006.

so planners of the world unite and post your comments asap (or even better, attend) this event in Vancouver in June 2006!