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Thread: East Aurora, New York - classic old urbanism (broadband recommended)

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    East Aurora, New York - classic old urbanism (broadband recommended)

    Based on some of the posts here, those who have followed threads about Buffalo might be under the impression that the city's nicest suburbs are in the Northtowns. There's actually quite a few quaint suburban villages to the south of Buffalo; Orchard Park, Hamburg, and the hamlets of the Allegheny foothills among them.

    Today I'll show off the Village of East Aurora. East Aurora is about 15 miles southeast of downtown Buffalo. It's the home of Fisher-Price Toys, Moog, and the Roycrofters. It's also considered by some to be the model for early New Urbanist projects, and it successfully fought off Wal-Mart in 1995.

    Here's East Aurora. Larger images can be found in the Buffalo gallery on Cyburbia. Enjoy.

    Roycroft Shops

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_050.jpg

    Roycroft Inn

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_051.jpg

    Roycroft Inn

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_052.jpg

    Roycroft Institute

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_053.jpg

    Town Hall

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_055.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_056.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_057.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_058.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_059.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_060.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_061.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_062.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_063.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_064.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_065.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_066.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_067.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_068.jpg

    Main Street - the architects from Hell :

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_069.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_070.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_071.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_072.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_073.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_074.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_075.jpg

    Main Street - a neat "city comfort"

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_076.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_077.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_078.jpg

    Main Street - Vidler's 5 & 10

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_079.jpg

    Main Street

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_080.jpg

    Residential areas

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_001.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_002.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_003.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_004.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_005.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_006.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_007.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_008.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_009.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_010.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_011.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_012.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_013.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_014.jpg

    Large - http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery/data...aurora_015.jpg
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    Reminds me of the small "Old Town" section of Vacaville that I live in. Nice setting.

    Sadly, I think in some ways this is what Americans thought they were getting when the federal government and industry began selling suburbia.

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    Jan 2005
    What a beautiful area!

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