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Thread: Globalization of the Heartland

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    Cyburbian Earl Finkler's avatar
    Aug 2001
    Barrow, Alaska

    Globalization of the Heartland

    We have just returned to cool Barrow, Alaska after three weeks in the hot and humid, but beautiful and friendly, Heartland---Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin.
    We visit relatives and the Field of Dreams Movie site in Dyersville, Iowa, but it is also a great area to take a vacation
    One thing I noticed as a planner ----foreign companies taking over more of the local economies ----in the Amana Colonies of Iowa, for example, talk of Chinese interests taking over the old Amana appliance company, which had been purchased by Maytag.
    And in Keokuk, Iowa, resident concerns about some French company taking over a large local employer and concerns about whether it will be sensitive to local employment needs. That on top of big box stores moving in on the perimeter and downtown under stress.
    Anyone have similar experiences? Any concerns about local control of economy and community?
    Cheers ----Go the Distance

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    Oct 2001
    Solano County, California
    Hello, Earl... What comes around, goes around. We've been evangelizing for decades about the joys of globalization. It's a little late now to suddenly realize, as many elsewhere have, that there are nasty negatives associated with centralizing control and consolidation. These Iowansd probably all voted Republican, so excuse me if I lack symapthy.

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