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Thread: Neighborhood theory

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    May 2005

    Neighborhood theory

    Can anyone give me a reference or source that says, in good neighborhoods industries should not encroach upon or impact residential. Basically good neighborhood theory that talks about seperation of industries from residential. I've tried sources such as Kevin Lynch but it is not specific.

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    Jul 2005
    Boondocks of Iowa
    A google search for "industrial encroachment" returns 617 links. Many of those links will emphasize the importance of separation of uses. One of the best ways to maintain separation is by dedicating vacant land between uses as public greenspace.

    A mixed use strategy calls for attention to impact. I am all for rating industries by size, volume, waste, and traffic to develop a compatibility index. As a former factory worker who knows what it is like to have to live on an industrial wages budget, I can appreciate the convenience and thrift benefits of being able to walk to work. As an aspiring entrepeneur, I would like to be able to manufacture and market my unfinished cedar ornaments out of my garage while employing two or three neighborhood teenagers at a living wage.

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