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Thread: Business hours of operation

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    Business hours of operation

    I'm looking for examples of communities, particularly in the Midwest, that have an ordinance (either as part of the Zoning Ordinance or elsewhere in the municipal code) that regulates the hours of operations of businesses. I have a client (a classic "streetcar suburb") with a small business district, that prohibits businesses from being open between 11 pm and 6 am. The district has been slowly evolving into more of an arts and entertainment district and the restaurant venues have been asking to be open later. In addition, a major redevelopment within the district contends that they have had difficulty attracting the right tenants due to the hours restrictions. I'm interested in knowing if the community 1) has such an ordinance, 2) what hours, and 3) do the restrictions apply to all businesses, or do they have different requirements for different businesses (i.e., restaurants with liqour licenses may be open later than retail uses, etc.). Any examples would be helpful. Thanks.
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    Well, I know that in Germany stores are limited to certain hours....

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    We are considering enactment of an Exterior Lighting Ordinance in order to reduce glare (primarily into residential areas), and save energy by requiring lights off after normal business hours.

    We have not yet defined limits on hours for businesses or areas, but it may be part of the draft ordinance.

    Have not had a public hearing yet.

    We also rely on the "Nuisance" clause regarding lighting, noise (including drive-up window speaker noise), hours, glare, etc.

    Have not had significant problems yet.

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    You might want to check out Whitefish Bay, WI. I know they have regulations regarding their business operating hours but I don't remember what they are. They are a former streetcar suburb with main street areas that is upscale. Good Luck.

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    Just repeal the 'hours of operation" provision. Add performance standards if there is fear of neighborhood disruption.

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