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Thread: Summer of 2005 Movie Thread

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    Apr 2003
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    Summer of 2005 Movie Thread

    We all love movies... (I hope) not the same movies though. This weekend the GF might to and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I also plan to see Wedding Crashers at some point as well. I hear that this new "Wonka" movie will be closer to the book from the last one, and I hear it is a getting great reviews.

    It seems that there are a lot of movies coming out this year... Star Wars, Hitchhikers Guide, Marching with the Penguins, and more!

    What movies do you want to see, what have you watched, and what are your thoughts on some of the 2005 summer movies?
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    Jun 2004
    Mr and Mrs. Smith...LOVED it...then again, two hottest people on earth for 2 hours...not sure they had to do anything but stand there

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    Nov 2003
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    Batman Begins, the Fantastic 4 and the Wedding Crashers are on my list. I may knock a couple of them out tomorrow with the "2 for 1 sale"

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    Sep 2001
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    Quote Originally posted by the north omaha star
    Batman Begins, the Fantastic 4 and the Wedding Crashers are on my list. I may knock a couple of them out tomorrow with the "2 for 1 sale"
    Batman Begins, was actually suprisingly good, especailyl considering teh other "prequel" that is out now.
    A bit cheesy, but pretty good.

    Don't erally have anything I want to see, it will depend on how hot is is for teh rest of the summer.

    Now that I have a DVD player at home will probably end up watching more movies.
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    Jan 2003
    Santiago, Chile
    Wow I'm totally out of what's on the cinemas now... last time I went to one was.... around March.... and I already forgot what I saw... well I remember I was with my girlfriend so I don't care what I "saw"

    I've seen some other older movies though... but not in a cinema... I saw The incredibles, Office Space and Goodbye Lenin! recently though....

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    Apr 2004
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    Not a big movie guy, but I would like to see Wedding Crashers, and maybe War of the Worlds. But I hardly ever go out to movies, and it is mostly the GF that watches them at home.
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    Jun 2003
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    Mr. & Mrs. Smith = pretty good and worth the money
    Batman Begins = best of the recent batman series; not all cartoonish; worth the money
    Fantastic 4 = horribly disappointing
    War of the Worlds = left a lot to be desired; hold out for a discount theater/cinema

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    Aug 2001
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    I'm a movie snob, so it's no secret that I have been terribly disappointed with this summer's offerings. I am looking forward to Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Fest at the end of this month, though. If I only see one or two movies there, I will certainly feel better.

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    Apr 1996
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    Want to see Batman and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

    Only movie I've seen this summer is Star Wars (3 times).
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