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Thread: Undergraduate internships?

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    Undergraduate internships?

    I am an undergraduate at Pace University in New York City. Pace does not offer a program in planning or urban studies but I would like to get some experience under my belt before going on to grad school. What would yall recommend as far as undergrad internships to get a foot in the door in the planning/design field, especially in NYC?

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    I have used undergrad interns from time to time. To be honest, I have not found them to be particularly helpful (sorry) and I know many of my associates feel the same way. I also know of very few undergrad internships that offer pay, but most will provide college course credit. My best advice would be to focus in on a particular interest or skill that you have, then try to sell yourself with that. For instance, if you are good with GIS, you might approach several potential internship providers and express an interest in working with their GIS systems to gain experience. You will find somebody with a project that they do not have the people or time to complete, and you could be their solution.
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    Pick a grad school....

    Then contact their internship advisor....you may need to enroll for a class to get the intern through the school, but that's a good thing......register as a non degree seeking student first, get the internship....then become a degree seeking student....

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    Thanks for the replies. I'll give your suggestions a try.

    And as far as my name goes...I'm from montrose, colorado originally.

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    Aug 2005
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    I'm an undergrad intern right now, although in North Carolina, and we have quite a few internships floating around. I'm working for a county planning department right now, which is paid and I could use for credits if I end up needing them.

    At first I was mostly working on filing, but now I do research on policies and laws/ordinances (County and state) along with some subdivision inspections.

    Try to get in touch with some people working in those departments you want to do your internship in; thats how I found one. Professors are a very good resource also. You might want to try a political science professor or something similiar.

    If not a planning agency, maybe a private engineering firm or a GIS office?

    Good luck


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    Montrose, eh? Beautiful town. Better than Windsor at least.

    I did an undergrad internship and it helped me immensely, but only to get a job. I'd probably travel to a grad school and go from there.
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    I spent the summer doing an undergraduate internship in Gunnison for the entire summer. I only worked 20 a week, but it not only gave me what I wanted in an internship (learning about planning with topography) but it helped me to know that I want to get out of the midwest once I get my degree. Montrose is too hot for me, need to get up into the mountains.

    I sent out roughly 60 letters, and was denied by roughly 50. The ten opportunities that I had were all great, and allowed me to choose what I wanted. Although I will say that I was not picky in location. I sent letters to MA, NH, NY, OH, IN, as well as Colorado.

    NYC has a couple places that I know do internships, but they do them for a semester. This can be helpful to your future job placement, but difficult on your wallet. If you can swing it though, the experience you would get would far outweigh the extra semester of school you would go. Just my two cents.
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