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Thread: Tractor trailer staging area as an amenity

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    Tractor trailer staging area as an amenity

    Does anyone know anyone that has a staging area for tractor trailers awaiting pick up and deliveries? We have a company looking at a site but it will be short on space for staging area. So they want us to build a place for this to happen. We could build it and let them have it after construction or we could build it and size it to handle a larger amount of truck traffic and place it in a convient location to other sites and offer it as an amenity to industries that ships or has delivered a large amount of goods in a tight amount of time such as a dairy that alot of product is shipped out during the early morning hours. So instead of the trucks showing up and waiting on site they could wait off site and not in the street. So what are your thoughts?

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    I can't think of any common staging/parking/waiting area. I think that is a great Idea for an industrial park. The ones around here have little space for that their trucks usually end up lining the streets. One steel distribution center has a great layout (sort of concentric circle type of thing) where they queue up out bound and inbound deliveries. But yeah, the common staging area in a park, especially if space is at a premeium is a cool concept.
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    Big Owl, This would also apply to parking for those who drive these trucks home at night but are not allowed to park a commercial in their zoning district. I would also like to see any ideas along these lines as we currently have the task of telling several residents that they can't park their trucks at their house. And they OWN the truck!!!

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    I have explored a similar idea for a "team track" (rail spur) that could be accessible to those who only occassionally have a need to ship by rail. Your idea seems to have the potential for greater usage. If you have a national guard or reserve unit in your community you might talk it over with them as well. Having been a transportation officer I know first hand that the military always has a need for such spaces.

    How would you fund construction and operation of the facility? If it were made freely available to everyone, then you might find some who abuse it. I would be concerned about businesses in neighboring communities taking advantage of the space and contributing to potential overcrowding, noise and litter, security, environmental issues, and undesirable activity such as waste transfer or truck repair. All of these can be addressed, though. Good idea.
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    Quote Originally posted by Cardinal

    How would you fund construction and operation of the facility? .
    If it is to serve a specific developing industrial park could you not make it a covenant that all properties with the park are members of the "Park Association" and the primary asset of the association is the common parking area? This is done frequently here for private roads for cottage development.
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