Iowa Access and Corridor Management Workshop

A free one-day workshop for engineers, planners, and other
transportation professionals in Iowa
About the workshop

During the workshop, you'll learn

* The ten basic principles of access management.
* The safety and traffic flow benefits of good access management.
* The business and land development impacts of improved access
* How to identify access management problems using crash data and
other data sources.
* Practical access management problem fixes.
* Access management "do's" and "don'ts."
* Effective ways to work with the public, business owners, land
owners, and developers on access management projects.
* How land use planning effects access management success
negatively and positively.
* How to effectively manage access at the highway corridor level.
* How intergovernmental agreements are being used in Iowa to
manage access along corridors.

Each workshop participant will receive an extensive electronic and
print library about access management.
Dates and locations

* Friday, October 14, Gateway Center Hotel, Ames
* Friday, October 21, Quality Inn Highlander Hotel, Iowa City
* Friday, October 28, Buena Vista University, Storm Lake

Workshops will run from 8:30AM until 4:00PM and will include a box lunch.
Who should attend

These workshops are free for

* Iowa Department of Transportation staff,
* metropolitan planning organization staff and officials,
* regional planning affiliation staff and officials,
* city and county staff and officials, and
* connsultants who are doing work for the above organizations.

There is a limit of approximately 100 attendees per workshop location.

Free for eligible participants. See list above.

Registration is limited to 100 people per workshop location.

Register online or register by e-mail or phone:

Georgia Parham
Center for Transportation Research and Education
2901 South Loop Drive, Suite 3100
Ames, IA 50010-8632

E-mail: gparham (AT) iastate (DOT) edu
Phone: 515-294-2267
Fax: 515-294-0467
Registration deadline

Please be sure your registration is received within seven working days
of the workshop you plan to attend.

* Dale Harrington, P.E.
Mr. Harrington has been involved in the planning and design of a
number of successful access management projects in Iowa. He is the
principal author of the Iowa Statewide Urban Design Standards that
pertain to access management.
* David Plazak, AICP
Mr. Plazak has conducted considerable research around the
Midwest on the safety and economic impacts of access management. He is
a member of the Transportation Research Board Committee on Access


Contact Georgia Parham, gparham (AT) iastate (DOT) edu, 515-294-2267, with questions.

* Iowa Department of Transportation
* Midwest Transportation Consortium