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Thread: Unexpected activities for your location.

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    Jan 2003
    Santiago, Chile
    An economically functioning and well kept subway system.... Can't say the same about the surface bus system though (although there is a plan that begins late this year to make it better)

    Buissnesses that don't have to recurr to constant bribing of authorities to function.... (the sad face is for the other nations in which it is a reality)

    A stable political system... (quite unexpected in this part of the planet)

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    Cyburbian Emeritus Chet's avatar
    Aug 2001
    South Milwaukee
    Quote Originally posted by savemattoon
    How about the French Restaraunt/bowling alley in Arcola, Illinois.
    You read my mind. We did discuss this before too.

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    Cyburbian Zoning Goddess's avatar
    Sep 1999
    400 miles from Orlando
    Budgie was in FL in April; totally unexpected.

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    Cyburbian Emeritus Bear Up North's avatar
    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio
    Couple submissions that are water-related.....

    Maumee Bay Islands.....There is a peninsula and some islands that together form the barrier that creates Maumee Bay (just northeast of Toledo). The Woodtick Peninsula actually is in Michigan, but the very tip is very close to the line. On any given Sunday in the summertime, when the sun is shining, there are hundreds of boats (of all sizes and types, starting at 16-feet) that are anchored off these islands and The Woodtick. Standing in waist-deep water on the sandy bottom are hundreds of boat-going-partyers, with cocktails in hand. Muscle boats, muscle bodies, bikinis, normal-looking middle-aged folks, some kids. Wave runners all over the place, some sailboats. A few people walk up to the deserted beach and grill. (The sand flies are terrible.....bite, bite. bite.)

    What makes it so unexpected is that if you took a photo you would assume that it is someplace like Tampa or St. Pete or Jacksonville. (BTW.....the ultra-light guys fly their planes over all the boats.....they are looking for the boats with the naked women.)

    Put-In-Bay.....You have probably read enough about Put-In-Bay in the P-I-B thread to have a real feel for the place. It still suprises visitors, though. After spending some time there, visitors from places like Atlanta say, "I had no idea you had something like this in Ohio on Lake Erie. This is cool."


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    Cyburbian mgk920's avatar
    Mar 2004
    Appleton, Wisconsin
    Quote Originally posted by michaelskis
    As does Marquette Michigan in the UP! (Click here to see the other Culvers' in the US)
    I'll trade some Culvers' to the southeastern USA in exchange for a few Waffle Houses.
    I also can't wait to see Culver's go eastward and be a little bit unfriendly to Friendly's. (heheheheh)

    As for other Wisconsin unexpected activities, here in the northeastern part of the state, sturgeon spearing season is a *BIG* local cultural thing. Open every year in about early February on Lake Winnebago, lake sturgeon are taken using spears through holes in the ice, using specially built portable dark shacks so that one can see into the water. (Parts of Lake Winnebago look like small cities during this time.) Bag limit is one per season with an annual quota that will close the season early when a certain number have been taken.

    The Lake Winnebago system is very unique in that it has a self-sustaining population of this ancient species of fish that is healthy enough to allow a legal sports harvest. The state record for the species is heavier than an average human adult male.


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