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Thread: F**ing Euroweenies

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    May 2003
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    F**ing Euroweenies

    A french paper I read online has an article today describing the response of the media to the Katrina disaster:


    La presse européenne est unanime : le cyclone Katrina a rendu apparent l'énorme décalage entre la superpuissance technologique des Etats-Unis et son incapacité à faire régner la sécurité après les ravages de Katrina.

    "L'Amérique regarde, décontenancée, un tiers-monde dans ses propres frontières, fracassé et violent, écrit le quotidien allemand Die Welt. Des pilleurs armés humilient des policiers en sous-effectifs. Dans le Superdome de La Nouvelle-Orléans (...), 20 000 personnes végètent comme dans un camp pour réfugiés de guerre", ajoute le quotidien conservateur. .
    To paraphrase, they're saying that the European media is "unanimous" in showing the "third world" (a phrase that they quote many times from many European sources) nature of United States, as exemplified by the chaos after Katrina. They go on to mention the pillagers "humiliating" the police and the superdome looking like a refugee camp.

    Well. it is a refugee camp. And there is chaos. But the fact is that this is the worst natural disaster to hit this country in 100 years. How many 1,000,000-plus resident cities has Europe lost recently? If a hurricane were to strike, say, the Netherlands and leave Rotterdamn or something under 20 feet of water, what would that look like? Would there be some orderly evacuation of smiling displaced persons into some imaginary backup city of emergency housing somewhere followed by an antiseptic cleanup and everything made right again a week later? Or would there be destruction, disease, chaos, refugees, and all the other horrible things that accompany all cataclysmic disasters, no matter where they occur?

    I think my problem is that I simply can not comprehend the European mindset. Do they think we're so powerful that we're some kind of superhumans whom nature can not hurt? Are they deluded into thinking that they're like that too, and need a major natural disaster in their own backyard inform them that they're not? Perhaps it's another case of Europe thinking they know the US better than they do. Maybe they've not come to terms with how huge this disaster is, and how big a city New Orleans was.

    Whatever the answer though, I'm getting really sick of the ignorant, narrow-minded comments coming out of the peanut-gallery on the other side of the pond.

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    Aug 2001
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    Maybe it's that ol' "You're either with us..." crack that got their knickers in a bunch. But I've never been to Europe, so I really don't know. Have they always been that way?

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    May 2005
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    I'm telling you, the USA is the big clumsy giant who just fell down. They can't help but laugh at the giant while it's down.

    Even though we've been the gentle giant whose come in to rescue them every time...I don't get it.
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    Maybe there is some truth to what they say.

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    Jan 2005
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    This isn't meant to put anyone down...

    There is a fundamental social difference between europe and the USA (Canada's somewhere in the middle - not quite the States, but not in Europe either).

    To be honest, if such a disaster occurred in Europe with the same results and catastrophic damage, I don't think we would be seeing the looting, pillaging and violence that we're seeing currently in New Orleans. Generally, Europe would be more prepared through their international and EU links, secondly, they would be more accepting of foreign aid immediately, and third, their isn't the abject poverty in many European Cities as we do see in the Southern States. And the ready availability of Guns in the States doesn't make it any easier.

    It's nice to think that this is just like any other disaster, but the USA got caught with its pants down, thinking that the hurricane was past and the disaster avoided, FEMA was unprepared, the White House is proving to be useless, while the international community looks on in amazement as to why the USA can have humanitarian aid to Thailand and Indonesia faster than to its own citizens.

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    May 2003
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    That was an inappropriate article at this particular time. There is great tragedy in the southern U.S. and it is not the right time to be bashing the U.S.

    We need to remember how we went for "cheese eating surrender monkeys" after they refused to accept the lies Bush used to start an elective war. Those were inappropriate words at that time and even more inappropriate now that we know the truth about the war.

    And we also need to look at ourselves honestly. We are fast losing the social infrastructure needed for a modern society -- universal health care, retirement, reasonable wages, and an equitable ratio between the rich and average wages. The current situation is not unlike third world societies, except that we are starting with a first world economy.

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    May 2002
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    Quote Originally posted by MitchBaby
    To be honest, if such a disaster occurred in Europe with the same results and catastrophic damage, I don't think we would be seeing the looting, pillaging and violence that we're seeing currently in New Orleans.
    I think that this would depend on the location in Europe. It's easy for me to picture most Eastern European cities decending into chaos.
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