More musings on architectural patterns. The building below is relatively recent. Seen up close, it shows good quality of finish and the light cladding looks good in Londonís often gloomy weather. The style approaches a very sparse, pared-down classicism. However, in keeping with current fashion diktats, it eschews relief of mass through surface ornaments almost entirely; just some nicely proportioned cornices and very light change of depth. Instead, it achieves considerable relief of mass by using a number of set-backs/switch-backs.

That sort of construction complicates floor-plans and must raise design and engineering costs.

Another, more traditional, way to relieve mass is to used more ornamentation. This could be produced cheaply and durably with cast concrete/stone composites. The result could be a building like the one below, which is close to the perfect box shape that is so practical for office buildings. Note that the site it occupies is not nearly as favourable as the building at the top (no nice three-quarter view, just straight on).