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Thread: Urban environmental accords

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    Urban environmental accords

    Article from the AP Wire:

    Article Highlights:
    "The signing of the "Urban Environmental Accords" capped the United Nations World Environment Day Conference in San Francisco. The nonbinding accords list 21 specific actions that can make cities greener.

    San Francisco was the first U.S. city to host the annual conference.

    More detail of actions in the Accord can be seen at:

    ENERGY: Renewable Energy | Energy Efficiency | Climate Change
    WASTE REDUCTION: Zero Waste | Manufacturer Responsibility | Consumer Responsibility
    URBAN DESIGN: Green Building | Urban Planning | Slums
    URBAN NATUR: Parks | Habitat Restoration | Wildlife
    TRANSPORTATION: Public Transportation | Clean Vehicles | Reducing Congestion
    ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH: Toxics Reduction | Healthy Food Systems | Clean Air
    WATER: Water Access and Efficiency | Source Water Conservation | Waste Water Reduction

    "Between now and the World Environment Day 2012, cities shall work to implement as many of the 21 Actions as possible.

    The goal is for cities to pick three actions to adopt each year. In order to recognize the progress of cities to implement the Accords, a City Green Star Program shall be created."
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