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Thread: Sullivan's spectacular masterpiece Guarantee Building

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    Fake Historic - Michael Jackson

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    May 2003
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    Alright...I have to say this: some of us here are getting a little too snippy and polemical.

    As I have already said, the use of a "style" is subjective and not really important.

    Any building built today will be built using the most cost effective, available, and up-to-date construction materials and methods, and the "style" of the architecture will be up to the cleint (heavily influenced or not by the architect).

    As for the pictures posted by jaws: They are all appear competent (except for one)

    The "traditional" ones are quite nice revivalist works and seem to effective interact with their intended function and context, but...:

    The canopy is a little over-wrought and hyperbolic.

    Now...the "post-modern" ones are actually much better that jaws and Luca give them credit for:

    This is certainly not "post-modern", but is probably the "contemporary" style and context that steel is emphazising.

    Also, this one is not "post-modern", because it is not exaggerating any the elements of the Bauhause style it is replicating to make a statement about that style. It's just a nice application of the style.

    This one is certainly post-modern, but minus the silly pediments, I believe this would lose its post-modern tag.

    These three appear to work for their intended function and context. They are in an urban enivronment, have transparent commercial "window shopping" spaces for pedestrians, have ample windows for nature lighting, and don't appear to fundamentally different than the Relaince building in Chicago's Loop:

    This is one of the earliest Chicago-school skyscrapers and has the same basic number of elements that the above three buildings have.
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    I'm sorry. Is my bias showing?

    Every day is today. Yesterday is a myth and tomorrow an illusion.

    You know...for kids.

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    Quote Originally posted by jaws

    What is the first structure? The photo makes it appear as if it is a stadium. It actually looks similar, in my eyes, to Albert Speer's work.

    The other four buildings you show (with the exception of the 3rd of the 5 images, which appears to be a strip mall or something similar) all seem very liveable Certainly not monstrosities - I actually quite like them.

    That Art Deco "traditionalist" specimen, on the other hand, is horribly ugly. It's a 2-bit hotel casino on some overworked beach in Miami. I love Art Deco, its one of my favourite styles - but that building is just cringeworthy.

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    I rest my case.

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    Quote Originally posted by steel
    I rest my case.
    Yes well all know you hate postmodernism, but how do you feel about traditional architecture?

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