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Thread: Enforcing ordinance banning overnight parking lot camping

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    Jun 2003
    De Noc

    Enforcing ordinance banning overnight parking lot camping

    Warning:: Sam's Law

    R.V. Owners Skip Camp and Park at Wal-Mart
    Headline and Article from the NY Times Sunday September 11, 2005

    It is a debate pitting R.V. owners against R.V. campground operators that is played out on vast expanses of asphalt, a controversy fueled by rising gas prices and intensified by R.V.-oriented Internet chat sites.

    The growing number of R.V. owners looking for a place to spend the night has helped force the issue into the public debate in cities including Fairbanks, Alaska; Rapid City, S.D.; and Burlington, Wis. Prompted by complaints from campgrounds and others, several communities have decided to begin actively enforcing laws banning parking-lot camping.
    Other cities experiences cited are Elko, Nev and Billings, Mont.

    Many R.V. owners agree, and Wal-Mart camping has drawn an informal but enthusiastic following. Many belong to Wal-Mart Bound International, an R.V. club whose only requirement for membership is having camped in at least five Wal-Mart parking lots.

    Whenever restrictions loom, an R.V. owners group called the Escapees keeps its 35,000 members abreast of developments on its Website escapees.com

    It is unclear that any olive branch could resolve the issue, however, and so the battle continues. And that is not likely to change anytime soon, said Mr. Woodbury of freecampgrounds.com

    Freecampgrounds has forums titled:
    Wal-Marts that Do Not Welcome RVers
    Wal-Marts that Have Kicked You Out
    Pending Legislation
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    Yeah, I have seen this one before.

    I think the bigger issue is that some parking lots are simply not designed for these big "semi-truck" type campers. Many parking lot pavement designs are primarily for the car and occasional dumpster trucks. However, thousands of campers that are built like semi's and semi's themselves are a different animal. It's not that they don't like the campers, it may just be that they are protecting their investment, as parking lots are not easy or cheap to maintain (striping, sealing, crack sealing, pothole patching, etc.), especially with the oil prices going up. (asphalt bitumen is an oil-based product)
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    Oct 2001
    I've never seen this turn into a problem. It's not like they dump the holding tank back behind the Garden Center! It's taking money out of mom and pop RV owner's profits. Thus, it is now a problem.

    And if they tear up the parking lots, isn't that Wally World's problem?

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    Sep 2001
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    Th efunny thing is that when I mentioned this as an issue to VP of Communications from wal~mart 3 years ago he had never heard of this happening.

    Maybe if wal~mart paid the licensing fees and provided the required legal services that other campgrounds provide their would not be an issue.
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    Feb 2002
    They tried doing this at our Walmart. No, they weren't dumping their tanks, but there were a bunch of them set up in the middle of the manuevering lanes, blocking traffic. It's one thing to spend the night on a road trip - it's another to set up camp. Here some of them were literally camped out - llawn chairs set up around tvs and fire pits.

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    Quote Originally posted by SW MI Planner
    ..., but there were a bunch of them set up in the middle of the manuevering lanes, blocking traffic.
    That's my problem with the practice....blocking the usage of the travel lanes and parking spaces.
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    Apr 2003
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    When Wal – Mart came into our city, we had them post a sign saying No Overnight Parking. Some RV owners have come in all up in arms saying that it is part of the RV culture and that Wal-Mart will loose business if they are not there.

    We said it very simple... Sir, it is a parking lot, not a camp ground.
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    Oct 2001
    Round these parts they best be off the lot by 8:00 am or they get the $29.99 lube oil and filter wether they want it or not if you catch my drift...

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