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Thread: Shopping center names (AIB: Non-sonorous city names)

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    Sep 2005
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    How about some suggestions on good names for future use or naming rule ideas that would not make these so awful. Our plazas seem to have been named by people who like to use lots of disjointed words and dreadful misspellings. "Wynter Haven Run" is one of my favorites.

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    Apr 2005
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    The joys of Benderson

    Since they're the ones that stick that name on every power center that they have built over the last several years in Upstate NY.
    For unenclosed shopping centers, the suffix "Plaza" is nearly universal. A distant second is the awkward "Consumer Square," believe it or not.

    Boulevard Consumer Square
    Walden Consumer Square
    Delaware Consumer Square
    Niagara Consumer Square
    Union Consumer Square

    The "Consumer Square" theme seems to be a Buffalo phenomenon; I haven't seen it elsewhere.

    What are the trends for shopping centers around your neck of the woods? Are they boring Buffalo-style street intersection or primary tenant names, retro names, or names chosen carefully by marketers to evoke Northern Italy or other places that might be trendy at the moment?

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