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Thread: Unified development ordinance (UDO) templates

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    Unified development ordinance (UDO) templates

    I wish to begin writing a UDO for my town and want to know if someone can point out a good template to use for a framework. (i.e. what needs to be included).

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm going to bump the thread, because it deserves a response. I think the title may have thrown some people off, because not everybody knows what a "UDO" is; acronyms can vary from place to place, and the term hasn't spread wide yet.

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    APA published a template many years ago. I think the author was Michael Brough. It is ok. I am not aware of others, although I have been thinking about writing one.

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    UDO Model

    Yes, APA published a book entitled Unified Development Ordinances about 15 years ago that included a model ordinance.

    The first question is whether your state specifically allows UDOs in the enabling legislation. In PA, we are just starting an effort to get them to be authorized. In most states, a municipality only has the authority to adopt ordinances that are authorized by the state legislature. We found that most other states only have a bare bones grant of authority for a UDO, and don't tell you how to set them up.

    I suggest starting with a good UDO that has been in place in your own state for a few years - at least for the admininstrative provisions. That will give you the benefit of their legal thinking and experience, and hopefully will be consistent with your own state's laws. If you can't find one in your state, look for a similar type of municipality/county in a state that has similar state laws.

    The hard part is messing the zoning and subdivision procedures in a way that is still consistent with the laws of your state. Many chapters of a UDO look just like a chapter in a zoning ordinance or subdivision ordinance.

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