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Thread: Ban funeral parlors at strip malls

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    Cyburbian Plus
    Jun 2003

    Ban funeral parlors at strip malls

    From the AP Wire:

    Lawmaker Balks at Funeral Parlors at Malls
    By The Associated Press September 29, 2005, 1:57 PM EDT

    MILWAUKEE -- A Wisconsin lawmaker thinks strip malls are no place for the dearly departed -- he wants to ban funeral parlors from setting up shop there.

    "To put it in a strip mall next to a Hooters or an auto parts store doesn't serve the industry or consumers well," said Rep. Phil Montgomery, a Republican. "Consumers have a certain expectation for a funeral home. Most people would be taken aback."

    He said his measure is aimed at protecting people from funeral parlors that could come and go quickly from the malls. The bill would require funeral homes to be in buildings that don't have more than one other unrelated business.

    "A funeral service is not like selling T-shirts," added Mark Paget, executive director of the Wisconsin Funeral Directors Association.

    But opponents say the bill would restrict competition in the industry.

    John Bucci, who recently opened Wisconsin Chapels and Cremation Society in a strip mall near Madison, said funeral homes such as his can offer services at a substantially lower cost.

    "This is all about greed," Bucci said. "It has nothing to do with protecting the consumer."

    Should this not be a local zoning decision not dictated by state law ?

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    May 2003
    Let the consumer choose if they're ok with a stripmall funeral. Personally, I would never bring my business to such a place, but that is my choice. Businesses are in the best position to determine how they can best compete.

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    May 2003
    Staff meeting
    Boy...the lanlord must be hard-up for tenants. If I owned a strip center, I wouldn't want this in it.

    Government should stay out of things like, especially if such a use in permitted in the underlying zoning district. Sounds like a slippery slope of unequitable treatment.
    I'm sorry. Is my bias showing?

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    Mar 2004
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    Oh Yeah....

    I wish I had a picture of it (if its still there?) but in Wheat Ridge Colorado at the corner of W. 32nd Street and Wadsworth Blvd. (NE), there used to be a crematory with smoke stack and all right immediately adjacent to a meat/butcher shop!! (that also sold something called soylent green ) BLECHH!

    Any Wheat Ridge or Lakewood planners out there with a camera to see if this still exists? (years ago now...)
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    Jul 2003
    Who cares.
    TO brings up an interesting point: are these just funeral parlors, or are they cremetories as well? The newer cremetoriums are very clean, produce little or no smoke or particulate matter (have had to do reports on a few, and do more research than I ever wanted on the topic), but there's still the stack, and the public's perception of what happens there. How would the other strip mall tenants feel about a use like that next to them? Would you want spacing requirements, for, say restaurants and cremetories? I'm all for affordability, but it seems like these things avoid a lot of potential issues when they're freestanding, or at least not located two doors down from the Kountry Kafe and next to Bobbie Jo's Hair Salon.
    And how would you define "unrelated business"? Couldn't you argue that a suit store would be a related business, because everyone at funerals needs a suit? Or a buffet restaurant, for post-funeral baked meats and jello salad?

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