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Thread: Chernobyl tourist redux

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    Mar 2004
    Appleton, Wisconsin

    Chernobyl tourist redux

    A couple of years ago, I posted a very interesting travellogue about the Chernobyl/Prypyat, Ukraine area 17 years after that little 'oopsie' at their local power plant. Yes, I know that the ancillary stuff turned out to be even wierder, but the photos and descriptions of the tour were what I was interested in.

    The Washtington Post is reporting today (2005-10-01) that for approximately $110/person, you too can take that daytrip from Kiev!

    for the article.
    (you can use the registration name and password that Dan has listed in another thread if you wish)

    Also, see:
    for an aeriel image of the area.
    The powerplant is at the lower right and the abandoned city of Prypyat is at the upper left.

    Kind of spooky from that vantage point, too!



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    Apr 2005
    Southern Antarctica
    Glad to hear that people are actually allowed to visit the area (assuming it's reasonably safe to be there for brief periods of time). People need to learn about it, know about it, and never forget it. If there's anything good about what happened at Chernobyl, it's that at least it forces mankind to take responsibility for protecting the future from the demons of our past. If we can manage to keep it safe - and keep people safe from it, until enough millenia have passed that it is no longer contaminated, then we can congratulate ourselves on having survived the infancy of our ability to destroy the world.
    "The current American way of life is founded not just on motor transportation but on the religion of the motorcar, and the sacrifices that people are prepared to make for this religion stand outside the realm of rational criticism." -Lewis Mumford

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