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Thread: Generally accepted agricultural and management practices (GAAMPs) in zoning codes

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    Generally accepted agricultural and management practices (GAAMPs) in zoning codes

    Here in Michgian we have the "Michigan Right to Farm Act" to provide farmers with protection from nuisance lawsuites. As a result the state authorized the Michigan Commission of Agriculture to develop and adopt Generally Accepted Agricultural and Management Practices (GAAMPs) for farms and farm opertions.

    For more info on GAAMPS click here

    These GAAMPS set up guidelines for setbacks, animal waste storage, spreading of manure on field, large scale CFO, etc.

    Furthermore the farmer is required to have manure management plans, Nutrient utilization plans and other documents that must be shared with the local community.

    The Michigan Right to Farm Act also prohibits local units of government from having local ordinances that are more strict than GAAMPS. A local unit of Govt' as a result does not have the ability to enforce GAAMPS only the State Dept of AG.

    I recently had a client ask me to put language into their Ord. refering to GAAMPS. Their thought was that if they refer to GAAMPS in their Ord. then they can take complaints on possible violations and then refer the issue to the State as opposed to "Mr. Smith" trying to through to the State.

    I was wondering if any other community in Michigan or other areas have GAAMPS or similar language refered to in their Ord. and whether they have every taken any enforcement measures.

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    Saline County, Kansas references GAAMPs and the state right-to-farm law in their "AG Use Notice" requirement, which requires the signing of a nuisance notice as part of the permitting process in rural areas. This was designed to provide some protection for farmers from frivolous nuisance claims. It's unknown how effective these documents are in preventing claims or defending farmers from nuisance claims, but as a public information piece for urbanities wanting to build in the country, I think it has some value. There are dozens of examples out there.

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    I just checked with our P/Z and code enforcement people. We have no specific language referring to GAAMP in our ag ordinaces. I did find out that every deed recorded in this fair county has language detailing that a said property could be located near a farm or farmland and the dust, smell, noise, any other sort of farm related "thing" comes with the property. A sort of "buyer beware." Sorry this is not more complete or comprehensive, but I'm not a planner (I just play one in my nickname). PM me and I can get more info.

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