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Thread: Urban design school

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    Aug 2005
    Sacramento, California

    Urban design school

    This is my second posting to Cyburbua, so I am fairly still new to the site.

    I am a recent graduate from L.S.U. in Landscape Architecture (BLA Fall '04). I moved to Sacramento, CA after graduation to start my career at an Engineering/Urban Design/Planning firm. I am learning alot, but as I stated in my last thread, the work I am doing, I do not have the passion for. I feel alot of the community planning and design we do, although we use some of the New Urbanist principles, are contributing to sprawl and is just making money for these Developers. I am dwelling on possibly moving on to a firm that does more envoronmental design and planning. I mostly have a passion for and a career goal to design better bikeways and trails with linkages to open space, communities, and transit. Along with this, I would like to design better cities. Ones that breathe with life.

    I have been studying and attending various lectures with the City of Davis, ASLA, Sacramento Area Bicycle Association and about to attend the Planning Academy, a free 6 week course about the principles of Planning within Sacramento. The good thing about my current job is that they support this and pay for alot of my memberships and events.

    There is one goal that has been bearing down upon me which is to go to Berkeley's Masters of Urban Design program. I have been attending these lectures and getting involved in various organizations for my own professional development and to possibly increase my chances of getting into Berkeley. My first 3 years of college were attended at another college in Louisiana where I basically majored in Rugby and partying. This 3 years made my overall GPA at LSU to be around a 2.8. I plan on taking th GRE and subbmitting my package for the Fall '07 semester. The program requires you to have 2 years professional experience.

    Does anyone out there have any advice for me? Thanks and Geaux Tigers.

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    Talk with a few firms that do the kind of work you are interested in doing. You might start with the National Park Service, which has published several guides and manuals on the topic. Applied Ecological Concepts, of Brodhead, Wisconsin, is my favorite firm in this field. They have done some incredible work, including the environmental work at Prairie Crossing in Libertyville, Illinois.

    Anyone want to adopt a dog?

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