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Thread: Vacant land ratios

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    Sep 2005
    East St. Paul, Manitoba

    Vacant land ratios

    Does anyone have any information with respect to the ratio of vacant lots to built up areas in a community prior to designating future lands from one designation to residential use?

    Is there a ratio between the supply and demand and absorption rate? What would be a suitable amount of vacant land
    required in your community before you open further lands for residential development?

    Does the supply and demand issue cause any problems for your community? Would there be different ratios between urban and rural developments?

    thanks in advance.

    Ed Arnold

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    Vacant lands

    Oregon, Washington, now Tennessee, and perhaps other states, all use a twenty year time frame for urban growth areas. Convention is that the urban area should have twenty year supply of buildable land. Less than that amount and conventional economists' wisdom suggests that the market becomes constrained. I don't think there is a rule regarding the ratios you describe. Jerry Weitz

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