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Thread: Economic benefits of open space preservation

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    Economic benefits of open space preservation

    Heritage Conservancy has prepared information on the economic benefits of the community's purchase of open space or conservation easements. In terms of school district costs,new residential development has a net cost to the community. The community's purchase of conservation easements pays for intself in a few years when compared to the on-going shortfall to the school system from residential development. Although nonresidential development produces revenues for the school system, there are other costs to the community, particularly in road improvments. We are interested in information that supports or does not support these findings. Results of our study is available.

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    May 1997
    Williston, VT

    economic benefits of open space preservation

    The Sonoran Institute has a study on this very topic that we have reduced to pamphlet form for public distribution. If you get me a mailing address I will send you a copy. I too would be interested in seeing your results.

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    economic benefits of open space preservation

    Studies have also been done by the American Farmland Trust. I am also interested in obtaining a copy of your report.

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