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Thread: Ways which the effects of urbanization on streamflow could be reduced

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    Ways which the effects of urbanization on streamflow could be reduced

    I need that answer for a class....please help!..THANKS!!

    Quote Originally posted by Earl Finkler
    Hello from Arctic Alaska.

    All our water is still frozen solid, so I may be off base. But how about suggestions like

    * Minimize pavement and maximize natural cover
    * Thoroughly treat discharge water
    * Restrict development in flood plain
    * Buffer shorelines and so on

    If stream and flow are critical, maybe direct urbanization elsewhere.

    Good luck. Send some warm sunshine this way.

    Earl Finkler in Barrow, Alaska

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    Does a 25-yr Tp rainfall necessarily produce a Tp=25 year st

    G'Day Girl

    There are a number of other factors that have to be considered apart from the rainfall level, such as the flow level of the stream at the time of rainfall, the amount of debris within the stream, any alterations that change the flow of the stream e.g. dams, irrigation channels etc and if native vegtation has been removed from the stream banks (less vegetation, more run-off).

    I hope this is of some help.

    Planner from Down Under

    P.S. It is a warm 30 degrees celcius in sunny Australia

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    Cyburbian Earl Finkler's avatar
    Aug 2001
    Barrow, Alaska

    Thanks Earl! btw, it's been pretty cold here on Toronto too

    You are most welcome.

    Maybe I should have talked about ice buildup out on the Arctic Ocean too. I worked as a planner for the City of Toronto in the late 1960s. Very exciting place. Loved Yorkville and the Islands park. Hope allis well.

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