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Thread: Examples of good site planning by big box retail

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    Examples of good site planning by big box retail

    I am trying to find real life examples of Big Box retailers who have used good site planning principles or good building and parking detail in their developments. I am very interested in Walmart. I am also looking for cases where these types of retailers (again Walmart) have changed their standard development approach to meet the needs or input of the Community.

    Thank you for your advice,

    Geoff Garbutt

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    Examples of Good Site Planning by Big Box Retail (Walmart et

    The Staples in Whitewater, WI opened in February of 2000. Although located on a strip as a free-standing building, it is a good design. The architecture itself is a vast improvement over Staples typical white and red box, including towers, brick veneer, and windows along both exposed sides. There is only one lane of parking in front, and all of the remainder is shared with the neighboring McDonalds, as is the access lane. Additional spaces were created by reconfiguring the lot. There is now more landscaping in this lot than there was before. Also, sidewalks were provided along the building's front leading from the street to the door, and along side of the building to a street in the rear, recognizing a pedestrian traffic flow through this 'short cut' to the university campus.

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