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Thread: Zoning admistrator/village council conflicts

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    Zoning admistrator/village council conflicts

    I am a newly appointed zoning administrator for a small village in the state of Michigan. Before taking this position, I was warned by several community members as well as the resigning administrator that there would be problems with our local government not wanting to follow through with written zoning ordinances. Unfortunately, my first meeting has shown just that. What can I do or who can I contact to make sure that our local government is doing what is legally right? Unfortunately, I feel as though I cannot approach our village attorney, as he appears to be one of the "ring leaders." - I just want to do an honest and fair job, I take my endeavors seriously. And right now there appears to be a great deal of discrimination going on with our local government not approving variances for some, but doing so for others, as well as forcing ordinances upon some, but not upon others. Please help - this is a serious matter.

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    Zoning Admistrator/Village Council Conflicts

    I've been there, not a nice place to be.

    Document everything. And I mean everything. Get a tape recorder and tape all you phone calls both incoming and outgoing, well, after you check with a private attorney about the Michigan laws for notice of a wiretap. Maryland is unusual in that it prohibits one party from taping another without their knowlege. Document everythiing you do, when you do it, and who was involved or had any knowlege of it. Then look for the right case. Someone will get screwed and will need you help, be sure that you are ready and able to lay it all out in court.

    It may then come to pass that you never have to use any of it. Try not to demonize the council or thier attorney, they probably see themselves as good ol' boys who are just trying to cut down on the red tape. Once you have folks by the short hairs, you too can be a player. You may choose to wade in and clean up from the inside.

    Ultimatly, it boils down to being able to document, as if in a court of law, who did what and when and why. Without that, you are just a whiner who will be out the door as quick as your predecessor.

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