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Thread: In-home childcare facilities in residential neighborhoods

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    In-home childcare facilities in residential neighborhoods

    I work for a city that is having difficulty addressing residences wanting to conduct daycares for over 5 kids in a residential neihgborhood, such as a person living in a house and caring for 10 children during the day as a form of income. There may be externalities such as increased traffic, parking problems, noise, etc. that disrupt the single-family neihgborhood lifestyle. What insight can you provide as to whether it is good or not good to promote in-home child daycares in single-family neighborhoods which some residents feel is an intrusion into a quiet neighborhood lifestyle and allowing commercial uses is not why they moved there.

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    in-home childcare facilities in residential neighborhoods

    In Georgia, day care centers serving six or less persons are allowed as an in-home use without state licensing/oversight. If more than six, in my opinion, day care centers in single family neighborhoods start to have some impacts on neighborhood quiet, as you noted. Of course, screaming kids in the neighborhood for a half-hour a day are not all that bad, though. With too much separation of work and home already, we should tolerate some decentalization of day care if for no other reason than convenience and reducing vehicle miles. Where you cut it off, in terms of the number allowed in a day care center, is a local choice, perhaps a conditional use for up to 12 but no more than that. I'm not sure I'd want three or four cars coming next door to my house delivering at 6:30 a.m. on a daily basis, so I'd regulate the hours through a conditional use process, and make sure the day care's front yard does not turn into a commercial parking lot.
    Jerry Weitz

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    in-home childcare facilities in residential neighborhoods

    Check your state regs first.

    10 seems a bit high and would be a commercial activety in Easton.

    We regulate 5 or less as a home occupation.

    Some people argue that the small facilities offer a safer, more convienent environment for the children.
    In any case it takes a little monitoring. What about the person who has four children, and "baby sits" for he sisters four kids? Cool-aid moms should not be regulated in America!

    Again, check with your state. If there is a problem with an unregistered facility, they will follow up.

    Good luck.

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    in-home childcare facilities in residential neighborhoods

    Another thing to do is check with you Building Inspector. Most building codes have special safety requirements (fire exits, etc.) for daycare centers with more than a certain number of kids. If at all possible, you want to make your zoning requirements match up with your building code requirements.

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