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Thread: Architecture as sculpture?

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    Architecture as sculpture?

    In response to: Architecture as sculpture? posted by Kincaid on February 19, 2000 at 21:37:07:

    Originally posted by (User Above)
    Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter? I have heard conflicting ideas, and it has never been resolved to my satisfaction.
    Yes, Architecture is a three dimentional piece of art. Made to serve a human needs functions and not only to serve aesthetical functions only.

    The architectural sculpture also is live, Just like the Human body or other human beings bodies. The difference is that it does not move and think, but it interacts with the Human being movement and thinking....

    Any piece of architecture in this world, wether it is ugly or beatiful, smart or stupid, functional or not is a piece of art called "interactive sculptures" of course there are other dimentions like live function and time

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    Architecture as sculpture?

    I am sure u will be glad to know that I feel the same about this topic, hence to resolve the issue, in my mind if nothing else,i am writing a dessertatation under the heading "THE LIVING SCULPTURE".

    I do believe that architecture is a step taken ahead from the roots of sculpture and thus to define arch., knowlrdge of form and sculpture is essential, which is missing today.if anyone agrees or disagrees, please I would like to know.

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