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Thread: Strangest proposal you have ever been presented

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    Sep 1998
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    Strangest proposal you have ever been presented

    Hey There Fellow Planners;

    Lets here from all of you out there in cyber-space about the strangest development proposal you have ever seen come across your desk for a review. Let's hear about new development, adaptive reuses, rehabilitations and renovations.

    In my case, I've got a couple of bueaties!

    In one instance, I received a proposal from a fellow who wanted to bury a bunch of school buses at the bottom of a gravel pit so that he could use them as a fall-out shelter.

    In another instance, I received an application from a red-neck who wanted to know if he needed a building permit to combine two mobile chicken coups so that he could fashion a new mobile home for his son who had just been married. I'm not kidding!

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    Apr 1997
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    How about a trophy home owner who wanted to construct a helicopter landing pad in his back yard (on a 1 acre lot)?

    Currently working with the Planning Commission to get a whitewater kayaking park constructed in our town - should be pretty fun.

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    How about the dirt bike racetrack, with a shooting range in the middle of it.

    Or the mobile home/dog kennel?

    My favorite was the guy who began to convert a barn to an apartment building. When told he would need a building permit and a connection to sewer, he said "for Mexicans?"

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    Sep 1999
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    A trumpet player from Disney World who wanted to develop a residential school for troubled kids. No plans, no backers, etc. It actually went as far as public hearings, where it was denied. I think we were the 3rd county he had tried this in.

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    Y2K Requests

    In December 1999 I received a dozen requests for building permits for outhouses so they would have a place to go when our treatment plant exploded!

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    We had a guy bring in drawings to develop a commercial lot into a human scale model of a Stanley tape measure to be used as a showroom for his cabinet company - Thank God for design review!

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